Public, stable, high-level API for third party developers.


The are actually implemented by the plainbox.impl package. This module is here so that the essential API concepts are in a single spot and are easier to understand (by not being mixed with additional source code).


This module is ironically UNSTABLE until the 1.0 release


This module has API stability guarantees. We are not going to break or introduce backwards incompatible interfaces here without following our API deprecation policy. All existing features will be retained for at least three releases. All deprecated symbols will warn when they will cease to be available.


Find and load all providers that are available.

Parameters:only_secure – (keyword only) Return only providers that are deemed secure.
Returns:A list of Provider1 objects, created in no particular order.

This function can be used to get a list of all available providers. Most applications will just want the default, regular list of providers, without bothering to restrict themselves to the secure subset.

Those are the providers that can run jobs as root using the plainbox-trusted-launcher-1 mechanism. Depending on the policykit Policy, those might start without prompting the user for the password. If you want to load only them, use the only_secure option.

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